$STL and $UCC

Stella Token - $STL


Contract Address: 0x66B071A55b7c258c2086527e35EE355771aA05B8
$STL is Cyberstella's game token which can be obtained through gameplay and through swapping in exchanges.
$STL can be used to increase a player's Crew Rarity, perform Crew Scouting (minting), and perform Crew Limit Breaks.
In the future, players can also directly purchase $STL tokens ingame via fiat (Debit/Credit Card) once that feature is implemented.
Universal Century Coin - $UCC


An in-game token with an unlimited supply that can be earned mainly through exploration and adventure.
$UCC is primarily used in the core gameplay functions of Cyberstella, along with recovering spent Crew Vitality and raising Crew Levels.
Gameplay costs in $UCC are automatically and dynamically calculated as well to help with gameplay balance.