Through the ingame Market, users can trade (buy, sell, and list) their Crew NFTs without the need to visit secondary markets such as tofuNFT.
Users can enjoy huge advantages of using the ingame marketplace.

Detailed Crew Info

Crew NFTs that are listed there will show each Crew's detailed information.
Things like the Crew's parameters/attributes, total $STL earned, $STL cap, level, rarity, Limit Break, Scout attempts, and even equipped parts, are all visible to see in the Market.
This comprehensive view allows users to check all the details of the Crew they are interested in, and even see how that Crew looks like ingame.
Market UI
Listing Crews
Users can list their Crews on the Market with a set price.
After listing the Crew, users can change the price or cancel the listing any time they wish. There will be no time limit, and Crews will continue to be listed there until the Crew is sold or if the owner cancels the listing.
Another major benefit is the commission fees. Compared to secondary markets such as tofu with 7.5% total fees, the commission fee of the ingame Market is only 6% of the listing price. This fee will be deducted from the $AVAX that the seller gets and the buyer won’t have to pay any additional fees.
The $AVAX the seller gets is equal to the listing price, minus the 6% commission fee. In other words, 94% of the listing price is sent to the seller when someone buys their Crew through the ingame market.

Buying Crews

On the Market page, users can view the complete list of Crews that are currently listed. As was mentioned in the Detailed Crew Info section, the Market place allows users to check out the detailed attributes of each listed Crew.
To help with navigation, Filters and a Sorting function are also available to use.
These features can help users look for Crews with specific attributes and really fine-tune their search, allowing for a quick and efficient way to use the Market. Filters such as 'scouted less than 3 times', 'only level 15 or higher', 'can earn more than 1000 $STL', etc. are all available.
Restrictions and Energy Calculation
Once a Crew is listed on the Market, the owner cannot do any action that will make any changes to the attributes of the Crew.
Listed Crews cannot go on Adventures, level up, be used in Scout, perform Limit Break, equip Accessories, unlock Accessory Slots, etc.
The listing for that Crew has to be canceled first in order for it to be eligible to be used again in ingame functions.
That said, listed Crews will still count toward the owner's Energy calculation. The amount of Energy the owners have will only be re-calculated once the Crew they listed is sold.