How to enjoy Cyberstella

These are the core concepts that drive our decision-making and are the pointers we want to follow to ensure an emphasis on being a community-driven & story-led project.

The Process Flow

Step 1: Get Your Crew NFT
  • Buy your crew on our marketplace, or
  • Mint the new crew by Scouting feature through the game
  • Set the name and backstory by yourself
Step 2: Play the game to get resources
  • Customise your Crew through the gameplay
  • Leveling up
  • Earn some resources
  • Get scout ticket to generate new NFTs
  • Use your Adventure Point to progress stories
Step 3: Customise your Crew
  • Get new parts through the store and gameplay
  • Increase rarity to unlock more parts
  • Post your story to IP creation activities
Step 4: Join the IP creation activities
  • Sell our manga series as an NFT
  • Crew owners can get a part of the revenue stream out of manga NFT sales
  • Its commercial rights come along with crew owners (Revenue share)

What This Means

Fun to create:

• Set the name and description of your crew
• Customise parts and renew metadata to reflect how it looks like
• Submit its story to list your crew on Cyberstella manga series
• Create the Cyberstella IP with other community members

Fun to play:

• Get the scout ticket, materials, and $UCC to mint, grow and customise your crew
• Use Adventure Points to go on an Adventure, which will progress the story of the next manga episodes.
• You can enjoy an experience that is challenging and linked to real-life productions.

Fun to change:

• Crew NFTs will update its metadata including their appearance, name, etc.
• It will also update the associated artworks and illustrations, making it even more meaningful to buy and sell NFTs.