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■ Connect your wallet and play

■ Crew Overview

Players can check their entire roster of Crews on the home screen. There, players can see a detailed breakdown of their individual Crew NFTs and their parameters.
The stats of each Crew, their stamina, stamina recovery countdown, and each Crew's current equipment can be viewed through this menu.
It is encouraged to plan and strategize for an optimal Crew lineup before sending them on an adventure for optimal success.
Home Screen
Crew Info


Players can employ any of the Crews they own to go on an Adventure on one of the four Planets for a chance to earn rewards.
Through adventuring, players can earn crafting materials, Scouting Tickets, and Cyberstella's ingame currency - $UCC, and then eventually, $STL**.
One hour of Adventuring consumes (1) Energy. However, players have the freedom to choose how many Energy points they want to use up for one adventuring mission. A short-term trip will only cost you a few Energy points, but the rewards will also be less. A longer trip would cost more Energy points, but the rewards will be higher. 
Journey Details
Adventure Report
You can choose your Crew and equip their Accessories.
The adventuring process will commence, and the results will depend on the total parameters of the crew, along with the number of Energy points consumed.
Efficiency in gaining $UCC
Attacking power
Efficiency in gaining $STL
Sequence in battle (Initiative)
Overall health/durability
Efficiency in gaining materials
You will gain materials through Adventuring. These materials can be forged and minted in the factory to generate a new accessory.
** Because there is no $STL token at the beginning, $STL rewards can only be obtained after the $STL token-earning feature has been implemented.


Your crew's vitality can decrease through a number of factors.
Crews can recover their vitality through the state-of-the-art medical systems of Cyberstella.
However, such efficiency comes at a cost, and the manufacturers of these devices have enforced a strict fee system wherein $UCC must be used in order to start the recovery process.

Adventure Point

Adventure Points measure the amount of interest the userbase has in a particular Planet. Through the help of this function, the dev team can then gauge and decide which planet holds the most user interest - something like a voting process, but through gameplay.
Out of the four Planets, the more popular and more adventured the Planets get, the more it's used in our Manga. Basically, the Planet that gets more exposure will get more pages will be allocated for it.
If users want to read more about specific Planet-type-related stories, they are encouraged to do their adventures on their favorite Planet type and contribute to its Adventure Points.