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Introducing the Cyberstella Pioneer Program

The Cyberstella Pioneer Program aims to redefine how communities are managed.
We have seen Web3 projects take advantage of their communities and not give back — we want to change that. Our goal is to ensure that every drop of loyalty and good faith given to us is repaid in full.
To this end, we have set up a role system wherein a community member’s actions and contributions are all taken into account to help them progress.
We don't want you to grind — there's enough of that out there. In this community we want our participants to be able to enjoy what the universe of Cyberstella has to offer at their own pace without having to commit considerable time and effort.
We want to build this project with you, as a crucial part of the whole, and it starts from here - the Cyberstella Pioneer Program.

■ What are the roles, and what are their benefits?

[Pioneer] (Legendary)
[Explorer] (Epic)
[Pathfinder] (Rare)
[Wanderer] (Uncommon)
[Verified] (Common)

■ What do I need to do to become a Pioneer?

• Sharing and interacting with Cyberstella’s tweets, announcements, publications, etc.
Awesome tweet with a lot of essential info included! 👏🏻​
• Providing valuable feedback, suggestions, and proposals.
• Making meaningful contributions and being generally helpful (guides, AMA summaries, newbie support, etc).
A newbie guide, made by one of our Japanese community members. 🙌🏻​
An AMA thread in the Japanese language. Also made by our Japanese community.​
• Creation of fan arts, memes, and localized content of Cyberstella
A fine example of localized Cyberstella content.​
• Most importantly, being a positive, enthusiastic, and genuine member of the Cyberstella community.
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Introducing the Cyberstella Pioneer Program