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Crew Customization

Take your NFT ownership to the next level and customize your Crew's appearance as you like!
Using parts you purchased from the Store, you can customize your Crew's appearance through the Crew Customs.
There are different styles and themes to choose from, and new parts will be added on a regular basis.
Female Clothes
These parts are fully customizable and can be changed through the Crew Customs feature.
Headgear, Clothes, Ear Parts, Eye Parts, Face Parts, Neck Parts, Front Item (Hand), Back Item, Effect, Background
Changing parts has no costs and will require no gas fees. You are free to change the equipped parts of your Crews at any time.
Any changes made in your Crew's appearance will also be reflected in your Crew's metadata. This means that even if the Crew is transferred outside of the game, the updated appearance of your Crew will carry over.