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The Factory is a generating station where accessories can be crafted/upgraded using materials obtained through adventuring.
There are normal, special, and upgrade classes that players can use in The Factory. Each has its own purpose, limitation, and requirements.
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In order to use the Factory, the player must provide tokens as payment to generate accessories.
Success probability exists according to the accessory, and in case of failure, you will lose the materials and tokens used for the process.
There are different types of accessories that can be crafted, and there is at least one type of accessory for each Crew attribute.
Potential Potion Increases Power
Elementary Particle Motor Increases Agility
Healing Package Increases Vitality
Chappie Increases Luck
You are able to upgrade accessories by consuming other accessories, $UCC, and/or materials.

Equip accessories

You can equip accessories for your crew at the Dock menu.
A Crew with full Accessory loadout