Manga Series

The first volume of our manga series is out. The subsequent volumes will then be made based on your stories!

Achelie and Rex - the beginning

In the year 2222.
Achelie’s family runs a sales company in the space industry The company sells high-risk products from the 'safe area'.
The company used to be just a distributor, but the union makes them strong to promote their sales (in this sense union implies guilds) Unions buy products from the company to promote guarantees and revenue schemes to those who cannot buy products due to low living standards It looks like the company creates products for risk-takers who grab their opportunities, and unions to achieve free society by promoting those products. However, the company has no power as unions have greater power and buyer base.
The company has to listen to whatever unions require. They needed to change their products and lineups to give extra benefits to unions. Achelie is aware that it is a projection of slavery 400 years ago and ran away from her home.
On the other side, Rex has to depend on the union, although he knows he has been exploited. Rex undertakes a job from the union, searching for a missing person, a relatively low-risk job.
Rex found Achelie but Achelie got away from Rex. The union thought Rex has helped Achelie to escape, which is why Rex is chased by the union. Then Achelie helped Rex to escape from the union Achelie has been looking for someone who can work for her, and that is the reason why she helped Rex out of the union.
Achelie “Ok, you have a choice now. I will hire you. Deal?”