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Cyberstella Mission is a new type of game mode introduced in May 2023. This game mode gives users the chance to earn tokens by sending their Crews through Missions.
To participate in Missions, users must assign the Crew they want to use, they can then register that Crew using some $STL tokens. These Missions in return give users the chance to win $AVAX tokens if they successfully complete the Mission.
Mission Reward Screen (Example)
The success rate of each Mission is determined by the Crew's attributes/parameters, Power, Luck, Agility, or Vitality. The attribute/parameter is set randomly for each Mission and their preferred attribute/parameter will be highlighted in the Mission Screen.
There are also 3 levels for each Mission, with each showing the winning probability and the amount of $AVAX rewards of each Mission. Naturally, the higher the Mission's level is, the more difficult it is to complete and the higher the $AVAX reward.
Only 1 Crew can be sent per mission, and each Mission has its specific attribute/parameter preference. This preference is highlighted, and will positively affect the likelihood of success, although not massively. For example, even if a user has a high Agility Crew, and the Mission highlights Power, the high Agility Crew can still participate in the Mission. This also means that even if the Crew's Power is really high, the chance of success is still based on RNG.
There is a base reward for each mission, but every time a user fails a mission, the total Mission reward will slightly increase.
Mission Success Screen (Example)
That said, if a Mission is failed, the user will not get anything. Hence, it's recommended to level-up and Limit Break the Crews in order to increase the chances of success.