Murasaki B.V is creating a new GameFi economy for the next web3 era.

Murasaki B.V. is a development company building games on the blockchain. Our first title, Cyberstella, is an NFT-focused, play-to-earn (P2E) game with a cyber opera theme. Inspired by new-retro and science fiction animations, the NFTs are collectible PFP, and your avatar immerses your character deep into the heart of the game. As a company, our goal is to become the next generation of games. Combining manga culture and web3 trends, we are contributing to the next version of the internet that is owned by the builders and users, all orchestrated with tokens.
Our roadmap
We are a multi-product ecosystem, developing both games and a game engine that future developers can build on. On our engine, you could build and launch your own game using our direct-to-creator model which grants players the power to purchase NFT assets (characters) from developers instead of purely buying the character from Murasaki B.V. This means that as we expand, both NFTs and tokens will be transmutable between games, keeping liquidity in Murasaki B.V and helping create a more stable and growing market cap.
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