The white paper is an evolving document and as such there may be information within that is updated or changed throughout development. Last updated May, 2023.

An IP creation platform - You, as a producer of Cyberstella

The story of Cyberstella is incomplete! You will be the one to produce it.
Cyberstella's story is built upon a core concept, which is then expanded and given life by our community's NFTs (Crew). (Please check our NFTs section for more details.)
The idea is to generate a conceptual IP, like a multiverse, wherein every character is independent, but transmedia mixes, collabs, and offshoots can happen.
Manga, games, webtoons, anime, and movies are some of the mediums we are working towards at the moment but we will expand and scale our operations according to the extent of currently available materials.

Community-led Stories

Here are examples of storylines made by one of our community members;
Mable, by Chenlu
User-submitted Backstory Entries
NFT owners are encouraged to give their NFTs a name and even come up with a backstory for their NFTs. We want to place an emphasis on our community member's own stories. Our users are given creative license and the right to join, create, and build upon the lore and story of Cyberstella.
Got an idea for a manga? Go for it! Want to see your NFT on our anime? Why not! Want your NFT to be a villain in our games/minigames? By all means, go ahead. Let your creative juices flow, as you are more than welcome to take part in building the Cyberstella universe. Here, we are building a system where crew NFTs that our community members own will get to be one of the characters in the Cyberstella universe.
For starters, our user's NFTs can be added to the existing manga storyline through participation in events, but more options to join the Cyberstella universe will be implemented in the future.
What we provide through these activities goes beyond creating the Intellectual Property that is Cyberstella. We believe providing opportunities for users to experience our IP creation process is our core and unique value.

Creative Commons

We are taking a creative commons approach. That means we want to make sure that our community is given the creative freedom to create and use Cyberstella assets.
Specifically, we want to use CC BY-SA4.0. This allows users to freely share, copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, and adapt, remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.
We only ask that Cyberstella is attributed to your works and that all changes must be noted. More details about the licensing here;

Your story is our story.

We believe most gamers will agree that at one point in their gaming life, you have once wanted to be a part of the story you're playing.
Regardless of genre, there have been instances wherein immersion was at its highest. At a point wherein the game stops just being a means of enjoyment, no longer just a pastime. You get to the point where you, personally, feel connected, you revel in their stories, and you feel as if you yourself have become a part of it.
Our team believes in this ethos, that this concept is what differentiates a simple game from something truly amazing.
We at Cyberstella are committed to pursuing this ideal and making sure our community and their NFTs are a part of our encompassing storyline. We take pride in ourselves being a story-driven franchise and we want our players to be able to build upon our concept, share their stories, craft their tales, and help us create this wonderful universe.
Your NFT, your story, our universe.
Let's build it, together.


Space opera with romanticism.
A mixture of the new-retro taste of the Western frontier spirit and the Age of Discovery, beginning in the 17th century. Minor conflicts between tribes and troops may occur, however, the main focus of the plot will be the citizens that want to live in a new world different from their old environments.
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