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The Political Situation

The 21st century was a period of reckoning with the negative legacies of the 1900s leaving a lasting impact through various issues; religious and ethnic conflicts; demographic problems; aging populations; environmental problems; food insecurity; conflicts between minorities and majorities. These were exacerbated by challenges and failures in new industries such as AI, space travel, and robotics.
Society came to terms with these ever-present issues and moved on to a peaceful new era in the early 2100s, but new challenges also meant new, negative legacies.
The 22nd century was marked by a period of reckoning for humanity. New problems emerged although these were overcome by the turn of the century. Society thus matured and evolved through the turmoil with many people benefitting from solutions to shortcomings in social security, livelihood, education, and entertainment.
In the 2200s humanity ascended past political conflicts to form a stable planetary society with a much-improved standard of living for the average citizen.
But while people were demonstrably better off than in previous centuries, there remained significant economic inequality from the top down. Those with more wealth than the ordinary worker could ever imagine lived lives in a completely different dimension. History is doomed to repeat itself.
The interstellar and earthly societies are interconnected in many ways. But the wealth gap is as wide as ever, in fact, workers are more cleverly exploited. The profound and acute issue of inequality receives little organized pushback… but outsiders see this clearly and decide to strike out on their own in pursuit of a better life.