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Main Characters

Class: Human Height: 178 Age: 30
Descendent of space frontier pioneers of the early days, who migrated to the western part of the Galaxy. Rex has inherited the frontier spirit of his predecessors.
Class: Human Height: 166cm Age: 26
She was born in an upper-class family, but did not get along with their conservative attitudes. She left home when she was 20 and started living a life of space wanderer, currently traveling in the far west area of the Galaxy.
Class: Beast Height: 181cm Age: 17
Kimon's father and grandfather were both great generals of the Beast army, but they were accused of being responsible for initiating conflicts. Consequently, his family lost their noble status, and Kimon now lives as a mercenary.
Class: Android Height: 178cm Year of production: 2111
Although originally created as a security guard, he decided to join the Human-Android war when he witnessed his close friends forced into cold sleep. Very skilled Kanata user and made a huge contribution during the war.
Class: Human Height: 160cm Age: Unknown
Not much is known about Nhàn. Although how she managed to gain those skills remains a mystery, she has deep knowledge of technology and is an adept hacker.
Class: Android Height: 170cm Year of production: 2119
Non-combatant android who specializes in search and medical treatment. She puts equality and cooperation above all else and believes that the destinies of Androids and humans are intertwined.