Below are some of the notable advances in robotics in the Cyberstella Universe.
Mecha Spiders
One of the most adapted tools in Cyberstella, the Mecha Spider's compact size (2cm-6cm) makes it a highly utilized machine in various industries. From construction to building repair, as well as surveillance and espionage systems, this highly dynamic mechanical arachnid has seen a wide range of use. It is because of that that various models of the Mecha Spider have sprung up. From units with varying camera strengths to specialization in the handling of high-temperature materials, to gripping tools twenty times their size, to even welding and drilling functions. Various industries can be seen using this robot in their employ and can be seen to take full advantage of its remote operability and autonomous functions.
Submitted by: [LSG] Rayly Widogann' 👁#8704