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Known Species/Races

The original colonizers of space. Acceptance of other species and races marks humanity in 2222 as it has been long agreed that diversity makes societies stronger. Corporate overlords use this to their advantage and to entrench hegemony over the flow of resources and labor. Humans may have broken free from the confines of national governments on earth, but a bigger, supranational entity has codified a similar authority in space.
Although created by humans, androids are a powerful political voice in their own right since the Convention on the Right to Live of Androids. They serve the colonies best through exceptional problem solving and logical computation. Android artists do exist, however despite producing stunning pieces they lack the emotional nuance found in biological beings. A typical android will vehemently defend its right to exist as an individual, not as a subjugated resource for the humanoids to utilize.
Beast (beast-people)
Beast-like humanoid intelligent life forms are equal in stature to humans and demonstrate high intelligence. Beasts don’t really have the concepts of ethics, morality or philosophy like humans do. In their view, survival comes first. As a result, however, beasts think fighting and killing each other is highly illogical, and believe it only happens when someone is either a fanatic or crazed, or when it’s related to personal vengeance. Their intellectual level is almost the same as humans and while they are slightly more advanced in certain areas and slightly behind in others, the level of civilisation is roughly the same. This interesting coincidence has been attracting many biologists’ attention. There are few colonies (though not many) where humans and beasts coexist on certain planets. There are many different small tribes within the beast civilisation. Male beasts tend to be bigger than female beasts. Their life is usually shorter than humans, about 50 years on average. They are considered adults when they are 14 years old.
Despite multiple small-scale conflicts and the eventual establishment of trade routes, very little is known about these extraterrestrials and contact remains limited. Average citizens of the galaxy will never meet an alien; they prefer to deal directly with The Guild.