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Minor Categories

A minor category is a more specific or narrow subject area that falls under one of the major categories. These categories may include topics such as individual streets or buildings, local plants and animals, and small businesses or startups, among others. Minor categories may not be as significant or important as the major categories, but they may still be relevant and worthy of inclusion on the wiki. Those categories can be, but are not limited to:
  • Geographical items such as mountains, seas, rivers, etc
  • Individual streets or buildings
  • Local plants and animals
  • Local fashion brands or designers
  • Small businesses or startups
  • Hobbies and leisure activities
  • Personal relationships (e.g. family members, friends)
  • Individual tools or vehicles (e.g. a specific model of car or a particular tool)
  • Specific types of food or drink (e.g. types of coffee, types of bread)
  • Individual music albums or songs
  • Individual books or articles
  • Specific types of technology or gadgets (e.g. smartphones, laptops)