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Mission Clients

Here you can find the Clients for all of the Missions in Cyberstella.
Power Missions
Agility Missions
Vitality Missions
Luck Missions
Man With Dragon Tattoo I'm looking for my friend, with red dragon tattoo. But careful, he may try to fight you. By: ただの媚び#3344
Legendary Katana In order to become a legendary Samurai, I need a legendary Katana. Can you find it for me? By: GlueGun#3060
Save My Son My son has been kidnapped. Please save him! By: nari#4162
Mine Ship Robbery I need some mineral ores. Can you help me rob a mining ship? By: joseel I FusionX Finance#9667
Solar Station Deliver solar cells to restore energy to the station.
Crew Conflict Suppress enemy Crews threatening our Adventure.
Spider Calibration Calibrate the settings of Mecha Spiders and fine-tune them.
Thermophrenit Reactor Restart the malfunctioning reactor before it breaks.
Oblivion Shipment Arrange the crates of Memory of Oblivion.
Crew Reinforcements Deploy strong Crews to reinforce our ranks.
Cafe COB Delivery Deliver fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm to Cafe COB.
Power Grid Overload Overload the enemy's power grid to cripple their systems.
Libra Weapon Retrieval Retrieve a prototype weapon from a Libra facility.
Meteor Defense System Defend Themis Station by destroying incoming meteors with laser cannons.
Catch the Fish I know where the biggest fish on the Amethyst lives. Let's catch the legendary fish! By: [LSG] ElRouxMeister ⚽⚔#6896
Find Ship Parts I want to be a captain but I don't have a ship. Can you find me ship parts? By: 白米#4147
Skateboard Cameraman I need someone to take a photo of me on my skateboard. Are you good at taking photos? By: [LSG]tebitan26🤖| 🦭#2602
Smuggle Healit Do you want to join our organization? Smuggle Healit to our base in Amethyst. By: ひろ#1383
Zero-G Maneuvers Navigate through an asteroid field with precision.
Stealth Infiltration Sneak past security systems to infiltrate a Pegasus Country facility.
Pursuit Velocity Help us chase enemy ships in Blazetox and capture their Crew.
Particle Motor Race Compete in a high-speed Particle Motor race against other pilots.
Aerial Acrobatics Perform acrobatic maneuvers for an event in Triton Republic.
Scorpion Navigation Guide a ship safely through Brown Scorpion's desert.
Crew Escort Protect a Crew transport ship from enemy attacks with quick maneuvers.
RISES Targeting Help RISES calibrate their laboratory equipment.
Courier Delivery Deliver a time-sensitive package from Amethyst to Tolydell within 7 hours.
Tolydell Time Attack Beat the highest score in Tolydell's race circuit.
Top Cleaner Welcome to my ship! Sorry it's not very tidy. Actually, can you help clean the ship? By: ゆらり(みかん)#8775
12 Kittens I've found 12 abandoned kittens. Please take care of them! By: とmpみ#9059
Hot Spring Skin Care Bring 9 samples of hot spring water from Eucasor Islands for my new skin moisturizer. By: saitae🌳EGG#5109
Medicine Ingredient We need ingredients for new medicine called Aqua Cure. You can find them in Blazetox. By: ellegarden#8872
Biohazard Extraction Rescue scientists trapped in an Amethyst facility and escort them to safety.
Medical Emergency Treat injured Crew members and stabilize their vital signs in a critical situation.
Amethyst Exploration Explore unmapped regions in Amethyst and gather ores.
Survival Training Train Scouted Crews in surviving the harshness of space.
Potential Potion Research Drink the 'upgraded' version of Potential Potion.
Outbreak Containment Help cure a flu outbreak in a space station near Lambda.
Healit Research Help researchers in learning more about Healit.
Emergency Repairs Repair the damaged ship before their next Mission.
Stamina Training Help train athletes in Amethyst and increase their stamina.
Atrahasis Volunteer Join an Atrahasis drug testing and come out alive.
Flower For My Wife I want to give my wife a special bouquet. Can you find me a rare flower with good scent? By: otamesi#6948
Hair Salon Recommend I've just moved to this area. Do you know any good hair salon? By: ERUMINA🌵EGG 🥚#3000
Thousand Bananas Children at my orphanage are hungry. Bring a thousand bunches of banana from Amethyst. By: StepUp#2846
Ancient Music Item The lore says there are items called vinyl records. I love music and I want to try them. By: [LSG] Rayly Widogann' 👁#8704
Beast Plain Cat Find my cat who got lost in the Beast Plain.
Relic Hunt Look for lost relics in Lambda.
Cafe COB Sale Get a dozen 80% off coupons for Cafe COB's next sale.
Lucky Dice Testing Use a newly developed Lucky Dice device and play in a casino.
Lucky Dandelion Get a lucky dandelion flower from Dandelion Port.
Port Town Race Bet on the race in Port Town Emmet and win x10.
Yulit Pageant Join the beauty pageant in Yulit and win first place.
Eucasor Gardening Grow some plants in Eucasor Islands and graft them successfuly.
Marshland Hunt Look for a lost alloy in the graveyards of Atelier Marsch.
La Certa Meteors Go to La Certa during meteor showers and take a picture.