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Cyberstella NFTs

NFTs are the primary force behind the Cyberstella experience.
The private sale saw all 1,500 NFTs sold and the public sale is coming soon.
Crew Members
Initially, players will access the world of Cyberstella through their crew member NFTs which they obtained through either the private or public sale. To man a crew, you must have three NFTs and will subsequently be able to send this crew out exploring, scouting, or completing jobs.
The success of any given task is determined by the stat base of each crew member. You can either have common, uncommon, or rare in the early stages with rare only being accessible to those who bought in the private sale. Epic will be made available at a later date and will see players use in-game mechanics, such as merging two existing NFTs, for the small chance of receiving a new, single NFT at this rarity level.
Currently, players will only gain Beast or Human NFT crew members, with Android set to be introduced at a later date. Again, in-game mechanics can be utilized to get an Android.