Scouting is a feature commonly known in other games as mint or breed.
Here in Cyberstella, we have a slightly different approach to this mechanic.
Below are the details for scouting.
  • Players with 2 crew members (that are more than level 5) can use the scouting feature for a chance to generate one crew member with a better rarity.
  • The scouting cost will increase proportionately to the level of scouting attempts made.
  • Players can scout up to 7 times for one crew.
  • The scout cost may vary depending on the rarity of the crew.
  • Players can use different classes to do the scouting process. Crew types don't need to be the same.
  • The better rarity you have for two crews, the higher chance you will get the high rarity crew.
  • The parameter and accessories slot of the newly generated crew is aligned with the original crews you used for scout.
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