Game format

Game format
Cyberstella is designed to play on mobile devices via a browser. Players also have access to Cyberstella on tablets and PCs as long as the browser is connected to the players' wallets.
Play casually, a lot of elements
Players' playing hours would be short, but multiple times a day to keep your NFT Crew busy. You would not need to keep playing for hours. Cyberstella is a title players can play on the train, on a 5-minutes break, or when waiting for someone else.
Although the gameplay looks simple and casual, there are limitless elements players can enjoy. Some players may make a spreadsheet to find out mint ROI patterns and efficiency.
Some might find a pattern to generate a rare Crew NFT to win the battle. Some can join and enjoy daily exploration and think about its storyline to join the next manga placement competition with their favourite Crew NFT.